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MDF represents Helmuta Newton`s retrospective show

" At Russia great history, its brilliant art strongly influenced an art situation in Europe and before, during an avant-guard epoch, and now " - W such mood there has arrived to Moscow one of most " star " and cult photographers Zapada Helmut Newton/ a sort. 1920/. On Sunday it will spend the master - a class, and since Monday the exhibition of its WRK will be developed by the Moscow House of a photo/ MDF/.

> " the Retrospective show " Newton on which for the first time in Russia creativity " will brightly and many-sided appear; the lifetime photoclassic " opens 3 - j the Moscow international festival " the Fashion and style in a photo " has explained in interview " News " director MDF Olga Sviblova. Festival by tradition " will grasp " capital of Russia on one and a half MTH of spring, from March, 25th till May, 11th. This time on prestigious exposition platforms of Moscow - in TSVZ " the Arena " " the New Arena " the CTR of arts on Neglinke, the Museum of modern history of Russia, and also in the Petrovsky Passage, galleries " On Soljanke " and in the PhotoCTR of the Union of journalists - will be shined from the various POV, in interpretations of the Russian and foreign photographers, three subjects: " the Fashion as a fashion " " 70 - e years of the XX-th century " and " Circus as style of life ".

That fact that W success the exhibition shown all over the world, " at last, has arrived to Russia " Sviblova has regarded as one more certificate in favour of that " Moscow became one of significant cultural capitals of the world ". Newton possessing refined, rigid and unique style, has weight of admirers and haters, but almost leaves nobody indifferent.

" I do not LUV a sentimentality and I appreciate strong character - it by all means should be we will feel at people whom I remove " - on Friday at a MTG with journalists Newton admitted Moscow. He has assured that W interest " W8 for a MTG " W photoWRK of Muscovites, pitertsev and all is more active than masters leaving on a proscenium from " remote places " Russia, as " it is absolutely not familiar with a modern Russian photo ".