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the Second days of war

> the Broadcasting company " Skye - TV " has passed Friday afternoon that fourteen bombers - 52, being on the British air base Fejrford, have gone towards Iraq. Planes are completely loaded by a unit of fire, including cruise missiles.

TV channel Si - en - en referring to representatives of high rank of the Pentagon has informed that the American and British armies have occupied two airdromes in the west of Iraq and strategic oil deposits about Basra. According to sources of Si - en - en, it is a question of so-called airdromes Ejch - 2 and Ejch - 3, and last is a place where, according to investigation, the weapons of mass destruction could take place. In turn TV channel " Fox - njuz " has informed on capture by armies of the Antiiraq coalition of the frontier city of Safvan.

the Official representative of the British command has declared in Kuwait that coalition armies can already occupy Bagdad through 3 - 4 days.

In the meantime, the USA and their allies sustain the first losses. Si - en - en informs that during time boestolknovenija

in the Morning on Friday the Central command of armed forces of the USA/ SENTKOM/ in Qatar has confirmed officially  destruction of the American helicopter in Kuwait. In its report it is noticed that the helicopter of the case of marines " Si - Knight " W military men has onboard broken on Friday morning to the south of the city of Umm - Kasr, near to a high-speed line 801 in Kuwait. Incident has occurred nearby 03. 00 Moscow time. In accident eight were lost British and four American military men. On it has informed broadcasting companies " Skye - TV " the representative of the British military command.

Iraq asserts that has brought down three American helicopters. As has declared on Friday on a press - conferences in Moscow the Iraq ambassador in Russia Abbas Halaf, helicopters have been brought down by yesternight and the death toll among allies makes 16 persons. The president of Iraq Saddam Hussein declared a gratuity for ANY1 brought down plane of a coalition and for ANY1 killed or enslaved soldier of the opponent. On it has informed on Friday TV channel " Al - Dzhazira ".

According to entered

Iraq CFMs with the fact of start of rockets on the American positions in Kuwait. As has informed satellite TV channel " Al - Arabijja " on Friday the air-raid warning appeared in the Kuwaiti capital already more than 20 times. According to other TV channel - " Al - Dzhazira " ZRK " Petriot " has intercepted one more Iraq rocket over the city of Dzhahra/ 40 km 2 the north from the Ale - Kuwait/.

On Friday the land approach begun on Thursday evening has proceeded. During too time the ambassador of Iraq in the Russian Federation Abbas Halaf has denied MSG on the beginning of land operation. As he said, " The American infantrymen in territory of Iraq could promote only on 200 metres and have been urged to suspend the advancement, having faced cruel repulse from the Iraq armies ". The ambassador considers that the basic operations " still ahead ". While " the American and British armies move ahead on deserted district and give out it for victory procession " Abbas Halaf has told. As he said, actually they are in neutral territory which was occupied earlier with United Nations armies.

the British prime minister Tony Blair recognised that coalition armies face and will face resistance of Iraqis. He has declared it on Friday in Bruxelles, the broadcasting company " passes; Skye - TV ". As he said, military campaign against Iraq will be not so transient. " it is not obligatory that it will reach the purposes for one night, - he has told. It is very important to realise ". Blair 2 has declared that the purpose of military operation in Iraq - change of a ruling mode.

the British armies have taken positions on strategically important peninsula Fao in the south of Iraq. They have intruded on peninsula 2NITE on Thursday. The American armies columns move ahead deep into Iraq in a direction of Bagdad. According to TV channel " Al - Dzhazira " among British there are losses.

some the Arabian television broadcasting stations inform that after a column of the American armies 2 Basra the British parts capture of river port of a city will be which problem go. According to the Kuwaiti television, the special troops of the USA perform in the north of Iraq operations on capture

According to news agency AP, parts of the first division of marines of the USA have entered on territory of Iraq yesternight, having destroyed the Iraq tank T - 55 figurative anti-tank missile. Armies 3 - j an infantry division of the USA have destroyed 2 at least three BMP Iraq.

In other places Americans met fierce resistance. 3 - j the battalion 7 - j divisions of marines has been urged to postpone advancement FWD after on the Iraq party the great number of tanks ABT which earlier there was no information has been noticed. 2 it is informed that at night the rocket which has been let out from the American helicopter " the Cobra " has casually got to the M tank - 1 " Abrams " therefore one American soldier has got wound, and the fighting vehicle has failed.

as the broadcasting company " has informed; Fox - a news " besides intrusion of the American land forces on the south of the Iraq territory on Friday operations have begun from Jordan and Turkey. The minister of the information of Jordan Mohammed Advan has denied MSG that the American armies have begun approaches to Iraq with territory of its country.

The Arabian mass-media assert that Kurdish armed formations and armies of the USA prepare for approach to the cities of Kirkuks and Mosul in the north of Iraq under cover of the American Air Forces. Kirkuk and Mosul can fall within the next 24 hours, the correspondent of the Kuwaiti television confirms. Coming can count on support of the Kurdish population of these cities, he has underlined.

at the same time there was a real threat of the beginning of the military conflict between Turkey and Kurds in the Iraq Kurdistan. As the British broadcasting company " passes; Skye - TV " within the next 24 hours there can be an intrusion B4 20 tys Turkish armies on the north of Iraq occupied with Kurds. Such information on plans of a Turkish management is RCVed by Kurds from the sources in Ankara.

" Skye - TV " reminds that on Thursday the parliament of Turkey has made decision to resolve flight of planes of the USA over the territory. One of conditions of this decision was that B4 20 tys Turkish military men should be placed in the Iraq Kurdistan. While, the truth, no flights of the American planes through Turkish air space existing, in this connection the transfer on the north of Iraq of the American commandoes is late, the broadcasting company marks.

during yesternight of the USA and their allies have put the next air strikes on the Iraq cities.

despite massed rocket and aviablows, the Iraq army in the first day of war has lost only 4 persons the killed and 6 wounded men. Thus, according to the Iraq radio, loss among civilians - 1 killed/ the citizen of Jordan/ and 10 wounded men.

the second-large city of Iraq Basra - the large CTR of petroleum industry and an important strategic point in the south of the country has undergone to strong bombardment.

near Basra is more than thousand oil wells. According to experts, their arson can lead to continuous smoke blanketing of atmosphere, soot loss on the big areas and to pollution by especially dangerous substances. As a result of fires on the South Iraq oil wells the sky over all Kuwait is tightened by a black veil.

air strikes were put and in the north of Iraq. Strong explosions were distributed at night in the city of Mosul nearby to border W Turkey. Bombardment of Mosul has proceeded also in the morning on Friday. According to some information, Mosul is bombed by planes from the American aircraft carrier " Teodor Roosevelt " being in Mediterranean sea. Bagdad 2 asserts that from territory of Jordan across Iraq on Thursday two rockets have been let out.

on Friday a broadcasting company " Fox - Njuz " Referring to the informed military sources has informed that

News agency AP has passed thousand military men that about 200 Iraq soldiers have already surrendered in a captivity to the American infantrymen approximately an hour later after they have crossed border and have entered on Friday into a southern part of Iraq. The minister of the information of Iraq Mohammed Said As - Sahaf has denied these MSG.

the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Tony Blair has declared that 4 definition of post-war arrangement of Iraq, in its opinion, the new resolution of the United Nations is required.

Iraq intends to be converted on Friday 2 the UN Security Council W the requirement to denounce action of the USA as " the terrorist state ". As have informed " News " in permanent mission of Iraq at the United Nations, corresponding references are already ready.

At the same time, as mark diplomatic sources, to expect acceptance of the resolution or the rigid statement on behalf of the chairman of UNSF it is not necessary, as the USA and Great Britain are constant councillors of Security and possess the veto. According to these sources, much more chances of condemnation

the State Duma on Friday has accepted the statement in which has suggested to call special session of General Assembly of the United Nations 4 discussion of a situation round Iraq. The State Duma 2 offers " to bring in the UN Security Council an attention to the question on input to Iraq of forces of the United Nations on maintenance of peace 4 cultivation of belligerent parties ".

At plenary session of the State Duma head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivans has declared that Russia together with the states which do not support present actions of Washington, have brought legal services of the United Nations an attention to the question rather " qualifications " actions of the USA and Great Britain in Iraq.

The USA, Great Britain and Australia have extended on Thursday in the UN Security Council of the letter W a substantiation of war against Iraq. In the message presented by the American constant representative at the United Nations by John Negroponte, affirms that the reason of the undertaken action became " infringement by Iraq of conditions of cease-fire " after war in region of Persian gulf in 1991. Military operations are named in

Great Britain and Australia have directed similar, but more short messages. In one of them as the newspaper " underlines; New York tajms " does not contain any mentions of necessity of change of a mode in Iraq.

the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that " crisis in Iraq was beyond the local conflict and is a potential source of instability 4 other regions of the world, including 4 the CIS ". As he said, the military action against Iraq is the decision fraught trudnopredskazuemymi with consequences, including extremism growth.

Vladimir Putin 2 has held a working MTG with Minister of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu. The president was interested, as there is a rendering preparation the humanitarian help by Russia to refugees in connection with events in Iraq. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has reported that the first stage of rendering assistance to the refugees which movement is expected on a line of Kirmanshah - Bagdad 2DAY begins. The first plane in Kirmanshah will arrive in 23. 40 Moscow time. The platform under hospital is picked up in a five-kilometre zone on the Iranian party for a line of Kirmanshah - Bagdad. At the first stage it is supposed to develop hospital on five thousand persons W full maintenance. In the same place cargo 4 the second and third stages will be placed. Creation of camps in Turkish territory is studied 2. During the second stage on trase Kirmanshah - Bagdad is planned to place two hospital and more one camp on five thousand persons. Sergey Shojgu has not excluded that Russia under the aegis of the United Nations will render the humanitarian help subsequently and in the territory of Iraq.