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Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation considers that after war end in Iraq Washington should be converted into the UN Security Council

After war end in Iraq by the USA " anyway " it is necessary to be converted into the UN Security Council for legitimizatsiej the actions. Such opinion head has voiced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivans, acting at a MTG of Advice on the external and defensive policy.

" if the USA do not go to Security council, they become occupational armies " - has specified Ivans. As he said, on the basis of international law duties and responsibility of occupational armies from this follow. " to Remain throughout long time occupational armies of the USA will not want. As soon as will C the first possibility, they will go to Security council, that legitimizirovat the presence at Iraq " - believes Ivans.

as he said, Moscow intends " Very to watch closely, that any resolution which will be accepted by Security council, not legitimizirovala neither military operation, nor the post-war device on - American ". " We should fix our interests that the contracts signed at Hussein, have not been terminated that the debt of Iraq to Russia has been CFMed " - the minister has told. He recognised that " the big struggle is necessary to fix all it in new resolutions of Security council across Iraq ".