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In Seoul there has passed anti-war demonstration

Some thousand persons have gathered on Saturday in the CTR of Seoul for manifestation of protest against war in Iraq. On MSG from South Korean capital, on the area B4 a building of the Seoul mayoralty there passed the action " Stop to war! " which participants have denounced an attack of the USA and their allies to Iraq and have opposed directions on this war of a contingent of South Korea.

according to demonstrators, the USA " have untied aggressive vojnuju in Iraq for the sake of oil and the superiority in the Near East " therefore the decision of the Seoul government to direct there armies participants of the protest named " immoral ".

As one influential South Korean priest has declared B4 gathered, he does not doubt that peace loving forces eventually will stop this war.

the government of South Korea has supported war in Iraq and has agreed to direct there in May some hundreds military men of engineering armies and physicians.

In the country an active stage have entered American - South Korean military doctrines which have called alarm in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Simultaneously in South Korea the raised security measures in connection with which Pyongyang has postponed negotiation W Seoul ABT economic cooperation have been accepted. Thus war in Iraq was reflected in growth of intensity and on the Korean peninsula.

protests in South Korea against this war will be continued and the next days.