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In LDN there will pass anti-war demonstration

About one million British leaves on Saturday on streets of LDN 4 participation in demonstration against war in Iraq.

as organizers of this action - participants of anti-war movement " inform; we Will stop war " the Association of Moslems of Great Britain is the most grandiose demonstration W requirements will stop bloodshed in Iraq which has already led to victims among local population. British practically from all areas of the United Kingdom will gather in LDN to pass on its CTR/ the Parliamentary area, White - to a hall, Trafalgar Square/ that then to hold meeting in Gajd - park.

the city authorities have mobilised nearby 3,5 tys policemen 4 maintenance of an order during carrying out of this action.

demonstrators will start to arrive 2 places of gathering around 13. 00 Moscow time also will move towards the CTR around 15. 30 Moscow time. Demonstration will last B4 20. 00 Moscow time.

Protest actions will pass and about military base " Fejford " counties Gloucestershire where the American bombers - 52 which have since yesterday begun the massed bombardments of Iraq Would be based. Demonstrations in Scotland - in Glazko, Edinburgh and Aberdeen - in which 2 are expected thousand people, predictably, will take part.

protest actions pass in Great Britain constantly since the USA and Great Britain have struck the first blows to objects in Iraq. In LDN the police has been urged to apply force against students and pupils who within last two days spend sedentary protest actions on the Parliamentary area.