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In Afghanistan in the conditions of the raised security measures have passed commemoratings of Navruza

In Afghanistan in the conditions of the raised security measures have passed commemoratings of Navruza - new year on an ancient solar calendar.

Afghans gathered in mosques and here a second year successively openly marked ward of spring. At a mode of Talibs commemorating of Navruza has been strictly forbidden as " Antiislamic action ".

In Kabul thousand inhabitants and the country leaders have gathered at the central stadium where parade of peasants has taken place, En - En - Ah reports.

In " to northern capital " - Mazari - sharife before gathered has acted the Minister of Defence marshal Mohammad Kasym Fahim who has declared measures of the government on putting in order in the country. It, in particular, has twisted ABT creation of one more regular division which will provide the law an order in the north where race for power between various ethnic leaders and field commanders proceeds.

Hamid Karzai`s Government has formally supported the beginning American - the British military operation in Iraq, however on the whole Afghans resolutely oppose wars in Iraq. According to DIGNITY agency, in Kabul the prevention is directed all employees of the organisations of the United Nations to remain at home and for safety reasons within several days not to go out of doors.

the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations across Afghanistan Lahdar Brahimi has declared that in connection with war in Iraq " there is a probability of the further strengthening of actions of some elements, aspiring to destabilise conditions in Afghanistan ". Brahimi 2 has voiced fear that the Iraq events can negatively affect level of the international help to Afghans.

streets of Kabul are strenuously patrolled now by military men from structure of the international peace-making contingent. The general - colonel Thomas Lebbering has informed journalists that number of patrols is increased here at least by 20 percents

On jugo - the east of Afghanistan, near to border W Pakistan here a third day new scale operation of the USA code-named " successively proceeds; Valorous blow ". In it participate over thousand American soldiers from 82 - j air - a landing division and nearby 3 tys the Afghani governmental armies. 50 armoured troop-carriers are involved in operation and aircraft. There is a checking of caves around mounts of Samigar, and in nearby villages are spent dosmotry all houses about revealing of Muslim insurgents and armouries.

on the MSG which have arrived from Afghanistan, the aircraft of the USA already some times struck air blows in area Shin Nare. The American command informs on arrest of 12 suspects. On direct collisions with Mojaheds yet it is not informed.