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In Severo - the Western province of Pakistan it is entered shat

In Severo - the Western boundary province of Pakistan/ SZPP/ the government of an alliance of 6 religious parties - the Forum of uniform actions/ MMA/ - on Friday the decision on introduction in action of the Muslim legislation - shata has made.

the Main minister of staff to Acres Khan Durrani in capital SZPP Peshavare has declared to journalists that shat becomes " the province supreme law, and NE legal proceedings will be conducted here on the basis of spirit and the Koran and Sunny letter ". All previous laws should be brought into accord with positions shata. The government intends to reconsider laws on education, economy and mass-media that they did not contradict Islamic principles.

the minister declared that violent delivery of girls in marriage, murders for the sake of restoration of the trampled honour of a clan and sale of women will be considered as criminal offences and to be punished according to shatom.

Durrani has promised protection and freedom of execution of religious writs to followers of religious minority, including security of their houses of worship and establishments.

he has advised to all government officials to observe strictly time of daily fivefold Mohammedan prayers - prayers. It is offered to owners of shops and benches to close the institutions for the period of Mohammedan prayers.

the minister 2 has informed that the government plans to enter obligatory free elementary education, to increase budget articles by public health services and free maintenance of the population with prime medicines, to create new schools and hospitals.

the plan ABT introduction shata still should be confirmed to deputies of assembly/ parliament/ provinces.