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In the south of China it is withdrawn about 150 thousand tablets ekstazi

Police southern - the Chinese province Guangdong has withdrawn nearby 150 tys tablets ekstazi. 15 persons are detained.

as a result of the operative actions spent police in cities of Guangzhou and Shunde, the criminal grouping which was engaged in manufacture and sale of tablets ekstazi has been liquidated. It is confiscated almost 150 tys tablets of this popular drug among the youth, one self-made pistol W 18 cartridges and a half-million of yuans/ 60 tys dollars/, RCVed by a criminal way narcobusinessmen.

six members of criminal grouping have been detained in an administrative centre of a province Guangdong a city of Guangzhou, the others are arrested in Shende.

the Police has begun WRK on investigation of crimes of a gang of narcobusinessmen in December of the last year, more than two MTH conducted behind them steadfast supervision, and after revealing of all criminals and their communications has arrested members of grouping.