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Insurgents in the Chechen Republic have passed 2 tactics of use of terrorists -

Insurgents in the Chechen Republic have passed zealots 2 tactics of mass use of terrorists - zealots, the first deputy of the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation the general - colonel Yury Baluevsky has declared on Saturday in Moscow to journalists.

> " the Terrorism in territory of Russia and, in particular, in the Chechen Republic gets lines of fanaticism " more and more; - has told Baluevsky making comments on the act of terrorism made on Friday in Old Promyslovsky area of Grozny. As he said, it is already established that in blown up KAMAZe there were two condemned men - the man and the woman.

" I do not think that them moved high motives. The religionism and hope more likely here took place that their native matelno will be provided on all life " - the general has added.

by its estimation, use by insurgents in the Chechen Republic suicide bombers will proceed.

" It is impossible to SPK that 2MORO all it to stop. Peace process in the Chechen Republic grows and it is necessary is more QIK to start socially - the economic mechanism that yesterday`s insurgents could enter into peace life " - the general has told.