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Hong Kong - a zone free from an atypical pneumonia

the World Health Organization/ the CART/ on Monday declared Hong Kong a zone, free from an atypical pneumonia. On an extent poslenih 20 days there are not fixed any new case of disease.

as it is noted in the statement the CART, this event is " important achievement in an establishment medicine of Hong Kong of control over a new infection ".

All for four MTH from the moment of flash of disease from an atypical pneumonia 296 townsmen were lost. The number of patients in Hong Kong has made 1 tys 755 persons. In hospitals still there are 28 patients, including 11 persons are in resuscitation. From hospitals are written out 1 tys 410 patients.

at the same time in the Canadian city of Toronto two more sick of an atypical pneumonia have died. Thus, kolichesvo victims of this disease has reached here 38 persons. Canada remains the unique country outside of the Asian continent where this virus infection has carried away lives of people.