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On Tuesday in Moscow the lowered level of air pollution

On Monday a synoptic situation in capital is expected defines cyclone influence. According to Moscow Gidrometeobjuro, during the day meteoconditions will contribute in processes of clarification of air from harmful impurity. Carrying over of polluting substances from atmosphere low layers in the top is accompanied by instability and moderate intensity of hashing of air weights. The strong north contributes gorizonlalnomu in dispersion of harmful impurity. The additional contribution to atmosphere clarification is brought by deposits.

experts of the State nature protection establishment " mosekomonitoring " mark in a city a favorable ecological situation.

in " sleeping " areas level of air pollution the low. In the CTR of Moscow this level was low in the morning, in second half of day it is expected lowered. Directly near to highways air pollution level the moderated. In all city territory it is not expected excess of the sanitary code on all polluting substances.

on Tuesday in Moscow the lowered level of air pollution is expected. At preservation of a favorable ecological situation probably insignificant/ on 10 - 20 percents/ increase in concentration of the basic polluting substances on all city territory.