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the Armenian party " Dashnaktsutjun " the Armenian party " will achieve acceptance by the government of republic of effective measures on fight against corruption

; Dashnaktsutjun " will achieve acceptance by the government of republic of effective measures on struggle by corruption.

it was declared to journalists by the member of the administrative board of party Gegam Manukyan.

as he said, 4 party this question is basic and now on it intensive consultations of partners in the governmental coalition - Republican Party of Armenia and party " are carried out; Orinats Erkir ".

In the near future " Dashnaktsutjun " will present to the government and the public a number of effective offers on fight against corruption.

in October of current year the National strategic program on fight against corruption in which working out representatives " participated also will be accepted; Dashnaktsutjun " Manukyan has informed.

He has specified that the present ruling political coalition differs from all political unions taking place in Armenia that has been generated as a result " open political negotiations " and all its members will bear " full political responsibility for government WRK ".

In case of occurrence of disagreements in a coalition and an exit from it any of parties all government will retire according to signed by members of a coalition to the agreement.

the agreement on creation of the political coalition which have generated further the government of Armenia, has been signed on June, 11th by three propresidential parties - Republican Party of Armenia, parties " Orinats Erkir " and " Dashnaktsutjun ".