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Once a week in all tserkvah the North Ossetia will sound a prayer ABT the world

Once a week, on Sundays, in all tserkvah the North Ossetia the prayer ABT the world will sound. ABT it a metropolitan Stavropol and Vladikavkaz, diocesan Feofan has informed on Monday at a MTG with the president of the North Ossetia.

the lord has been appointed to the post a metropolitan in May of this year and makes now the first fact-finding trip to the North Ossetia.

in conversation with Alexander Dzasokhov a metropolitan has underlined that " the Russian Orthodox Church pays huge ATTN to partner dialogue W other religions in the North Caucasus, as one of possibilities on strengthening of the world and stability in the south of Russia ".

the Diocesan has informed that " intend to spend in the near future together with representatives of other faiths of the North Caucasus " a round table " To develop the plan of joint opposition to the further distribution of sectarianism to regions of the south of Russia ".

" Orthodoxy and Moslem should unite the forces to stop distribution spread of - for borders of ideas alien to Russians " - diocesan Feofan has declared.