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the Head of Gosstroy is not satisfied by a course of preparation of housing and communal services by the winter

the Head of Gosstroy Nikolay Koshman not satisfied by a preparation course housing - municipal services/ housing and communal services/ the countries 2 WRK in osenne - the winter period. He has declared it on Friday at the All-Russia selector meeting.

as he said, readiness of housing and communal services of the Russian regions for WRK in osenne - the winter period 2003 - makes 2004 78,6 percents

Koshman has noticed that now readiness of housing and communal services for winter on 29 percents above, than by data for August, 1st, and on 5,8 percents above indicators of the similar period of 2002. However Koshman considers the reached volume insufficient. It is necessary to have already 90 percents of readiness, he has noticed.

the head of Gosstroy has underlined that available objective difficulties in the regions, connected with deterioration of objects of a municipal services and available housing, cannot excuse. Koshman has reminded 2 that the decision of the government of Russia 4 75 subjects of Federation allocates interest-free target loans for housing and communal services. For September, 1st, as he said, agreements W the Ministry of Finance were signed already by representatives of 64 areas and republics.

upon termination of meeting the chairman of Gosstroy has informed journalists that in September representatives of department plan to visit three - four big cities 4 that finding-out as means for housing and communal services are spent. Voronezh will be the first among these cities, as he said.