Rus News Journal

For January - August, 2003 on Tadjik - the Afghani border the Russian frontier guards have detained 2 t 140 kg of heroin

. For eight MTH 2003 the Russian frontier guards on Tadjik - the Afghani border have detained from above 3 t 380 kg of drugs, from them 2 t 140 kg of heroin. On it on Friday have informed " News " in a press - service of the Russian frontier group of FSB of the Russian Federation in Tajikistan.

for the similar period of last year it has been detained 2 t 700 kg of drugs, including 1 t 375 kg of heroin, have noted in a press - service.

for eight MTH of current year, on the sites protected by the Russian frontier group, 100 infringers of state border, in 2 times more than in January - August, 2002 have been detained. 19 times frontier dresses entered in boestolknovenija W the armed infringers of border in which course one Russian frontier guard has been wounded.

for this period of 10 times dresses were exposed to bombardments, both from territory of Afghanistan, and from the Tadjik territory. By data a press - services, all during operative actions 55 hiding places W the weapon, ammunition, explosives and narcotics are revealed, is withdrawn about 30 units of fire-arms, from above 6 tys 600 units of various ammunition/ in 3,5 times more than for 8 MTH 2002/, 9 radio stations, more than 100 kg of explosives/ in 5 times more, than for all 2002/.

In a press - service 2 have noticed that interaction W 201 - j Russian moto - a shooting division and power structures of Tajikistan W which employees joint operations are regularly performed becomes stronger.

together with employees of Agency on control over drugs at the president of Tajikistan, committee on state border protection at the government of the country, the ministries of security and republic internal affairs for 8 MTH 2003 than 455 kg of drugs, including more 380 kg of heroin have been detained and withdrawn more.