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Inhabitants of Great Novgorod remained waterless

From - for a major accident in housing and communal services system in Great Novgorod of ten thousand inhabitants remained waterless.

as have informed on Friday to the correspondent " News " in a press - the CTR of the Novgorod administration, the information on rupture of a pipe in diameter of 900 mm on central Novgorod to water water has entered field services of Great Novgorod the day before nearby 19. 15 Moscow time.

pipe Rupture has occurred around the Novgorod left-bank treatment facilities. Failure on water water has left waterless ten thousand townspeople. On the top floors of many-storeyed houses water did not arrive on a broader scale, on ground floors of buildings water arrived under a weak pressure.

during yesternight kommunalshchiki Great Novgorod conducted a spadework 4 failure liquidation.

According to the information from the Novgorod field services, any considerable states of emergency connected with absence of water, in a city it has not been registered.

On Friday employees Novgorod " the Water canal " have started reserve pumps and water supply in Great Novgorod has partially renewed. In such mode water will arrive in city microdistricts see you in the evening that the population could make its stocks.

nearby 19 Moscow time it is planned to disconnect again water supply and within night to finish repair work on main to water water. According to some information, in houses on the Trading party of Great Novgorod water under the lowered pressure will arrive also at night.

2 failure liquidation, mark in the mayoralty, the special technics is involved, are brought up necessary mately.

it is supposed that repair work in water supply system will come to the end on Saturday 2 07. 00 Moscow time.