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Evgenie Primakov suggests to synchronise customs legislations of the states CIS

Head TPP the Russian Federation Evgenie Primakov has offered at session of Economic Council of the CIS on Friday in Moscow to synchronise the customs legislation of the states CIS.

" W/ O synchronisation of the customs legislation of due effect not to achieve " - he has told. Primakov means mechanism regulation vzaimoraschetov and the decision of problems of transport.

according to head TPP the Russian Federation, " main task TPP the CIS to assist formation of a zone of free trade, the Customs union and uniform economic space ".

He has informed 2 that the agreement on creation of uniform system of an expert estimation of the goods is countenanced. It, according to Primakov, is the essential contribution to creation of economic space of the CIS. " creation " TPP - the expert " will increase volume of services, will raise quality of production and will raise competitiveness " - he has told.

Primakov has suggested to exchange 2 experience TPP the CIS 4 creation of uniform economic space, 4 attraction of the capital, searches of partners and labour.