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Kislovodsk buries victims of explosion in an electric train

In Kislovodsk on Friday have passed funeral of four victims as a result of act of terrorism in an electric train.

as have informed " News " in a city administration, expenses on the organisation of funeral has incurred Ministry of Railways. Besides, to families of victims will pay indemnification in 100 tys roubles.

as have informed " News " in GO and CHS Stavropol Territory, as a result of act of terrorism four persons - Evgenie Arosjan/ 21 year/, Denis Kvachev/ 22 years/, Vladimir Molchanov/ 14 years/ and Inna Mheidze/ 18 years/ were lost. Three from them have died right after explosions in an electric train, and Inna - in hospital of Kislovodsk.

in hospital of Kislovodsk remain 47 suffered from act of terrorism. As has informed " News " on Friday the head of department of public health services of a city administration Victor Chuprikov, 28 persons are on out-patient treatment.

the young girl being in a grave condition is translated to Stavropol in regional hospital. Besides, from hospital of Foothill area to Kislovodsk two victims have arrived.

according to a regional Ministry of Health, 5 more victims are in hospital Essentukov, one in Pyatigorsk and one in hospital of Foothill area of edge.

all the deputy minister of public health services of Stavropol Territory Galina Fedosov, according to all available information, has informed, medical aid needs 91 persons.

the electric train, following a route from Kislovodsk in Mineral Waters, has been undermined in the morning, on September, 3rd. Upon a crime criminal case under item 205/ " is brought; terrorism "/.

In Stavropol Territory on September, 5th it is declared by day of mourning for victims of act of terrorism.