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Searches of the prisoners who have run away from a colony 4 minors in the Kaliningrad region while are unsuccessful

the Sixth day proceed searches of the two prisoners who have made runaway from a colony 4 minors in settlement Kolosovka of the Kaliningrad region.

as have informed the correspondent " News " in the regional Department of Internal Affairs, prisoners Alexander Golikov and Robert Chepauskas, ran at night, using difficult weather conditions. They managed to overcome all security constructions, EVN a barbed wire which is under a high voltage. It is the first runaway for 5 years of existence of a colony 4 minors.

Alexander Golikov has been denounced for 6,5 years for drawing of the heavy physical injuries which have entailed death of the person, and 17 - summer Robert Chepauskas has been sentenced to 2 years for theft.