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Till 2010 receipt of new military technology in land forces of Russia is not planned

Till 2010 receipt of new military technology and arms in land forces of Russia not planned. As the correspondent " passes; News " the commander-in-chief has informed on it on Wednesday at a MTG with journalists land forces, the deputy minister of defence of the Russian Federation the general - colonel Nikolay Kormiltsev.

" to buy new kinds of arms and technics we, unfortunately, now we can not and, I think, till 2010 speech ABT it should not to go. These are the big money which at the state are not present 2DAY " - the captain of the host has underlined.

at the same time he has informed that the basic efforts will be concentrated to repair and upgrade of technics available in armies and arms.

" the technics which is in armies, on many parametres and now does not concede to the best in the world to samples. First of all it is necessary to equip military technology and the weapon with more perfect management systems fire and communications mediums " - the general has noted.

the commander-in-chief has informed that on Tuesday, on December, 25th, on board of the Ministry of Defence of Russia key parametres of the military budget of the country for 2002 from which 28 percent are allocated for land forces have been considered.

" number of land forces makes 40 percent from an aggregate number of armed forces of Russia, therefore we wanted, that in the future this share made 40 and EVN 50 percent " - general Kormiltsev has noted.