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In Islamabad summit SAARK

In Islamabad opens unprecedented security measures in connection with opening on Sunday, on January, 4th, 12 - m the summit of heads of the states and the governments of Association of regional cooperation of the countries of Southern Asia/ SAARK/ are accepted.

On Saturday the city centre has been completely blocked 4 transport and pedestrians. With a view of security all participants of the summit will depart to hostels by helicopters.

the newspaper " Doon " has informed on Saturday that the prime minister - the minister of India Atal Bihari Vadzhpai will be the most protected leader.

by Special military plane from Delhi 4 it and its retinues delivered three booked limousines. Vadzhpai will protect, besides the Pakistan employees of security, Indian komandos from elite divisions " Black cats ". At movement of Vadzhpai on a city the car equipped 2 with the special device delivered from India 4 detection and blasting of NE explosives, first of all mines and bombs will follow ahead.

similar precautions are connected including with two recent attempts at the president of Pakistan Perveza Musharrafa which have occurred on December, 14th and 25. In the first case life of the head of the state was rescued by the technical device - " the muffler " a radio signal W which help terrorists have put in action the charges put under support of the bridge along the line of a train of the president. " the muffler " has detained explosion for 60 seconds that has allowed the president to drive safely the bridge.

the day before Ministers for Foreign Affairs SAARK have managed to agree about the definitive summons of session. On consideration of heads of the states and the governments struggle against financing of the terrorist organisations and groupings/, the agreement on creation in Southern Asia zones of free trade, the Charter ABT joint actions under the permission of social problems are taken out the additional report 2 the agreement on fight against terrorism/.

Besides, leaders SAARK will discuss questions of struggle against poverty and hunger. Bilateral problems and political problems, according to the charter of this organisation, at similar MTGs are not denounced.

by noon Saturdays to Islamabad profits already by one plane two from 6 leaders SAARK - the prime minister - ministers of Nepal and Butana Surja Bahadur and Dzhagma Singhej.

the Summit will pass in the largest hall of the Pakistan capital " Konvenshn senter ".

SAARK it is created on December, 8th, 1985. The association includes Bangladesh, Butane, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Shri - Lanka. The summit will come to the end evening on January, 6th.