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New incident at embassy of the USA in the Netherlands

On Saturday the Dutch police with a view of precaution has blocked some streets round embassy of the USA being in the Hague in the Netherlands, has informed the Dutch radio.

as the reason has served the attache - a case found at a tram stop near to embassy. Found a small suitcase have brought it in a police station. The police has made decision to block entrances 2 the American embassy and has called sappers.

as a result of inspection of any explosive in the diplomat it was revealed not. As it has appeared, simply someone has 4gotten it at a stop. After that the cordon round embassy of the USA has been removed.

it already the second false alarm round the American embassy in the Hague for last eight days. On December, 26th, 2003 the embassy building all night long and was surveyed morning by experts of antiterrorist division of the Netherlands police after in police the information on a possible act of terrorism has arrived. Then 2 have been blocked adjoining a building of the American diplomatic representatives of street.

inhabitants of the Hague, in particular, what houses are in the neighbourhood W the American embassy, support its removal from city centre. The discontent of inhabitants is called by the raised measures of protection - a threefold protection round the embassy building, blocking sidewalks and half of carriageway and the adjoining area. Local residents and passing at embassy of the USA are dissatisfied from time to time with manifestations of protest.