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the Head of Audit Chamber begins working visit to Spain

On Sunday, on January, 4th, the head of Audit Chamber of Russia Sergey Stepashin begins visit to Spain. About it it is SPK in a MSG of management of the information and the Audit Chamber public relations, entered " News ".

Within the limits of a trip Stepashin who is 2 the president of the European organisation of the supreme bodies of financial control/ evrosai/, will carry on negotiations W secretary general evrosai, the chairman of Audit Chamber of Spain Neto de Alboj.

questions of participation evrosai in activity of Working group of the International organisation of the supreme bodies of financial control/ INTOSAI/ on struggle against the international money-laundering Will be discussed. This body has been created by world auditor community in 2003 at the initiative of Audit Chamber of Russia.

Participants of a MTG will consider 2 a course of realisation of decisions taken place in the autumn in Rome XXVII sessions of Operating advice evrosai, including - preparations of the edition of the book " the Status and the future of financial control in Europe " in which will be summed up activity evrosai for 15 years since creation of this international organisation uniting the supreme bodies of the state financial control of 45 countries of Europe, it is SPK in a MSG.