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Syria offers the help to the Iraq people

Damascus is ready to render to the Iraq people the NE help to facilitate its position. The vice-president of Syria has informed on it Abdel Halim Haddam on Saturday in Damascus during a MTG with delegation of the Iraq nations.

the vice-president has underlined that during negotiations the problem of restoration of the Iraq state on purpose was discussed to provide participation of all Iraqis in definition of the future.

according to Haddama, all Arabian countries is Gud understand danger of a present situation in Iraq and support the prompt delegation of power to the country population.

Haddam has noticed that during a MTG the question on carrying out in the country of elections under control of the United Nations and a question of creation of the Legislative Council 4 development of the constitution of Iraq 2 has been mentioned.

as he said, in Iraq there is a common opinion ABT necessity to save national unity of the country and not to admit any actions directed on its blasting.

NE difficulties in strengthening of national unity will make negative impact on all Iraqis, irrespective of their nationality and a religious accessory, the Syrian vice-president has told.