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Accident " the Boeing - 737 " in Egypt - last data

In Egypt has suffered accident passenger " the Boeing - 737 ". The plane has fallen to Red sea near to a resort Charm ash - the Sheikh.

the air crash has occurred on Saturday in 4. 44 local time. " the Boeing - 737 " private Egyptian airline " Flesh ejr " made flight Charm ash - the Sheikh - Cairo - Paris. In some minutes after soar the plane has disappeared from screens of a radar.

liner fragments have been found in Red sea in 15 km 2 the south from coast. The accident place was found out by the military pilots who have C from air fragments of the plane and luggage of passengers.

onboard the plane which has broken in Egypt there were many children, head of a health service of the Parisian airport has informed. According to the Egyptian ministry of civil aircraft, in liner salon there were 135 foreign passengers, basically Frenchmen, and also 13 members of two crews.

One crew delivered in Charm ash - the Sheikh of the Italian tourists from Milan, and the second conducted the liner B4 the airport of Cairo, whence Frenchmen after refuelling should fly to Charles Parisian airport de Gaulle.

tourists have arrived to Egypt to meet New year. The Egyptian resorts on Red sea are popular among the French and Russian tourists - resorts are visited approximately on 350 tys by the person in a year.

among the French passengers avilajnera there were some big families, the radio station " has informed; France - Info ". One of families totaled 11 persons, there were 2 families on seven and five persons, the radio station has informed referring to data of prefecture of police of department Sen - Sen - Deni.

According to last data, the number of victims of an air crash in Egypt has made 148 persons, including 13 Egyptians - the crewmen, one Japanese, one Moroccan and 133 tourists of France. All of them returned home after Christmas holiday.

Full official data on persons, age structure and the places of residence of passengers of the broken air liner were not published yet.

the authorities of France sent to Charm ash - the Sheikh some experts in identification of victims in accidents. In area of Red sea where has fallen " the Boeing - 737 " the French frigate " is directed; turvil " to which crew a rendering task in view to the Egyptian rescuers of the help in search of remains of bodies and plane fragments, including " black boxes ".

As has informed from Charm ash - the Sheikh the correspondent " France - Info " searches become complicated that depth of the sea in that place where the plane has fallen, makes about kilometre.

to salvage operations on a place of airplane crash in Red sea disturb sharks, has reported Saudi Arabia Spa. On its MSG, the area of a crash of airplane teems with sharks literally, this place name " Bejt al - kyrsh " That is translated as " the Spark house ". Rescuers catch pop-up fragments of bodies and deliver them in plastic packages in hospital in Charm ash - the Sheikh 4 identification, passes Spa.

during winter time Egypt is popular at the French tourists aged is more senior 50 years. However, taking into account that in France Christmas holiday in educational institutions just comes to an end, among passengers of a flight there were many parents W children.

the Russian citizens on the liner which has suffered accident were not, has informed " News " by TEL the representative of embassy of the Russian Federation in Cairo. " we have contacted the French embassy and we RCV from them full, the detail information " - the Russian diplomat has told.

" any information CFMing that is act of terrorism, no. At least now, at a preliminary stage of investigation " - the employee of the Russian embassy has added.

The Ministry of aircraft of Egypt excludes an act of terrorism as the reason of wreck of an air liner. Under the preliminary version, technical malfunction in one of liner systems " became the air crash reason; the Boeing - 737 " the representative of the ministry of civil aircraft has informed local news agency of Maine.

officials underline that weather was clear, and other planes flied up W/ O incidents. The air crash in Egypt is called " serious technical malfunction " has declared in Charm ash - the Sheikh the minister of civil aircraft of the country the general - lieutenant Ahmed Shafik. By estimations of experts, this malfunction has called at once some problems which had to face the crew, the minister has told.

at the same time the definitive answer to questions on circumstances of accident should give " black boxes " which search proceeds in a place of airplane crash in 15 km from coast, has added Shafik.

In total in poiskovo - a rescue operation participate about 40 courts and 7 helicopters.

the crew of the Boeing which has suffered accident - 737 did not submit emergency signals before liner falling to the sea, passes the Egyptian news agency of Maine referring to dispatching service of city airport Charm ash - the Sheikh.

the owner of the plane - private airline " Flesh Ejr " - has made the statement in which it is underlined that " the Boeing " has in the end of the last year passed maintenance service in Norway and thus it has not been revealed any malfunctions. Airline " Flesh Ejr " has been created in 1997 and had two planes " the Boeing - 737 " one of which has broken on Saturday.

the Ministry of Justice of France has decided to file criminal charges upon  destruction of the French tourists. On a MSG a press - services of Ministry of Justice, business conducting is entrusted to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Parisian suburb Bobini. Business will be raised under article " Unpremeditated murder ". According to a ministry explanation, it is a question ABT " to usual legal procedure " which, in particular, should facilitate to competent French bodies access 2 investigation of the reasons and circumstances aviakitastrofy and to contribute in adjustment of interaction W the Egyptian authorities.

the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has sent telegrammes of the condolence to presidents of Egypt to Hosny Mubarak and France to Jacque Chirac in connection with the accident which has entailed numerous victim. The Russian leader has passed most sincere sympathy to the family of victims.

Jacque Chirac named an air crash in Egypt " awful incident ". As has informed a press - service of the Elisejsky palace, the head of the French state " since early morning is in contact to premieres - the minister " Jean - Pierre Raffarin also has personally made orders ABT formation of special crisis group in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and creation " all necessary conditions " 4 rendering of psychological and other help to people who expected at the Parisian airport Ruassi - Charles - de - Gaulle arrival of a charter flight from Charm ash - the Sheikh.

Chirac 2 has called the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak to discuss with it circumstances of tragical incident. Besides, he has disposed to direct to Egypt the state secretary on Reno Mjuzele foreign affairs.

the President of France has expressed to the family of victims in an air crash the deepest condolences.

in the middle of day in Ruassi 4 a MTG with the family of the lost tourists of profit of premieres - the minister of France Jean - Pierre Raffarin and other members of the government.

the authorities of France are ready to pay to relatives of the lost French tourists flight B4 Charm ash - the Sheikh, has informed Dominik Bjusro. He 2 has noticed that the authorities will incur all expenses on delivery of remains of victims to France.

persons of victims are established, the state secretary has noted. He 2 has informed that the majority of passengers of the broken air liner took tickets through the French tour operator " FRAM " the others have used services of smaller travel agencies.

the owner of the broken liner airline " Flesh ejr " has declared that delivers 2 a place of tragedy of relatives of the Egyptian members of crews which were aboard.

according to the representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of France, now the French authorities together with the company - a carrier are occupied by drawing up of the list of passengers of the plane.

" black boxes " broken in Egypt " the Boeing - 737 " can be lifted from the sea within days. The governor of a province has informed on it Southern Sinai to Mustafa Afifi on Saturday on a press - conferences in Charm - ash - the Sheikh.

plane fragments are at the bottom of the sea on depth about 900 metres, and 4 their extraction the necessary equipment is directed, he has told.

rescuers have already taken fragments of bodies of 13 victims from water, has added Afifi. In poiskovo - a rescue operation employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, division of the Navy and the Air Forces, experts of the ministry of civil aircraft and medical experts who will spend identification of remains of victims participate. The French colleagues later will join them, the governor has told.