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the Minister of Defence of Great Britain is going to reflect claims of the widow of David Kelly

the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain intends to counteract attempts of the widow of scientist David Kelly to obtain compensation for death of the husband.

as the British newspaper " writes on Monday; the Daily Telegraph " the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom has founded special group of lawyers which will be engaged in suppression of NE attempts of the widow of the adviser who has committed suicide in July, 2003 on arms of the British military department to achieve indemnification.

predictably, after the announcement of adjusted totals of investigation of death of David Kelly which is planned the next week, Dzhenis Kelly can demand the considerable sum from the Minister of Defence. The bases for this purpose can become the fact of loss of the husband - the supporter, from - for what the family has lost its incomes RCVed from scientific WRK 4 the government, and also possible future monetary receipts.

" I cannot while to tell that we can particularly make, if Mrs. Kelly decides to undertake any actions concerning us. AAM, only on it depends, a leah will want to bring it against our the suit " - has informed " the Daily Telegraph " a press - the secretary of the Minister of Defence of Great Britain.

the head of group of lawyers Martin Hemming while has refused to make comments on information leaks that in the report of lord Hattona the statement will be made that David Kelly suffered affliction from emotional and intellectual instability last two years.

under the different data, in the total conclusion of the influential British lawyer following the results of the governmental investigation on the case of David Kelly`s death extremely rigid estimations concerning all parties involved in it - the governments of Great Britain, the British telebroadcasting corporation Bi - Bi - Si and David Kelly will contain.

Investigation Summarizing has occupied from lord Hattona more than three MTH. In this time it has analysed more than 10 tys pages matelov affairs, including indications and reports of cross-examinations over 40 witnesses.

among them there was a prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Tony Blair, the Minister of Defence of the United Kingdom Jeffrey Hun, the head of Incorporated prospecting committee of Great Britain John Skarlett, the head of British reconnaissance service MI - 6 Richard Dialav, the former adviser of premieres - the minister of the information Alister Campbell, a management of the Minister of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, journalists and heads of the British telebroadcasting corporation, David Kelly`s relatives, policemen and the physicians investigating its body after suicide scientific on July, 17th.

in the conclusion following the results of investigation the analysis of the basic questions for the sake of which investigation was started will be given: as passed process of a writing last year`s " the Iraq file " ABT presence of weapons of mass destruction in this country, what participation in it was accepted by David Kelly and government officials what exactly was told by the scientist in conversations with journalist Bi - Bi - Si Andrew Gilliganom and how much precisely last has then passed these words in the matelah.

As the senior lawyer of hearings James Dingemans has explained, the purpose of made investigation is not removal of adjudications, and careful studying of all circumstances and causes of death of the British scientist which was the employee of government agency.