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the Capital highway has appointed in first half of January a number of additional trains

4 maintenance of the maximum conveniences to the passengers going from capital stations in the beginning of January, the Moscow railway/ MZHD/ has appointed some additional trains.

after the New Year`s eve mass moving of Russians does not stop - passengers go to holiday or school vacation comes back home, proceed 2.

MZHD has appointed in January a number of additional trains on the most demanded directions these days. Places in the trains plying from Moscow B4 Samara use traditionally raised demand. Additional trains in this direction are appointed to even days from January, 6 till January, 10th.

capital railwaymen are ready 2 to that these days demand for tours increases, therefore the additional train of formation MZHD will go on January, 9th on a route Moscow - Prague - Krakow.

For January, 6th and 11 trains to Novomoskovsk, on 5, on January, 9th and 11 - from Kursk to St.-Petersburg are appointed. Additional trains will go on January, 10th and 11 from Moscow in Shchekino.

Under the information a press - services MZHD, very claimed in the beginning of the first MTH of new year become tickets not only from Moscow, but also in the opposite direction. 4 convenience of passengers the capital highway has appointed following additional trains on " poslenovogodnie " days:

Lgov - Moscow - daily a train number 142/ 141 and for January, 11th - number 100/ 99;

the Eagle - Moscow - an additional train for January, 10th;

Novozybkov - Moscow (number 402) - for January, 10th and 11;

Bryansk - Moscow (number 156) - on 10, on January, 11th.