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In Egypt by an anniversary of revolution have created rules of behaviour of demonstrators

Cairo, 24 janv - News, Margarita Kislova. Demonstrators in Cairo on Tuesday have published " behaviour Rules " 4 those who is going to celebrate anniversary of popular uprising on the area of Tahrir on Wednesday on January, 25th, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

So, it agree " to Rules " on the area the weapon and drugs on January, 25th will be forbidden, it is impossible to litter and talk smut, be engaged in political advertising and propaganda for job lots and politicians.

Demonstrators 2 have created special Front on struggle against criminal elements which they want not to admit on Tahrir in " sacred day 4 all Egyptians " also accuse of spread of drug addiction, larceny and provotsirovanii fights in area territory. Besides, the Front is engaged in plan working out on safety in day of carrying out of the action as both military men and police have already declared that will not be present on Tahrire and other areas of the Egyptian capital, and have made responsible for an order and security demonstrators.

On the threshold of the mass action, on the area W ANY1 hour becomes more tents. Many tents of black colour - as a sign of mourning for victims in days of revolt to revolutionaries.

Day in Egypt is declared on January, 25th by a national feast in honour of the popular uprising beginning in 2011 which as a result has led to resignation of president Hosny Mubarak.

this day and others cities will pass demonstrations in capital, military parade, aviation show and numerous concerts. The area of Tahrir in Cairo which became a symbol of resistance to authorities of Mubaraka becomes the CTR of commemoratings.

It is remarkable that on January, 25th 2 is a professional feast of police officers which has been declared to official WKND.

National stirrings in Egypt have begun with peace demonstration on January, 25th, 2011 which main requirements were increase in a minimum level of salaries, resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, society democratisation. Demonstration has passed peacefully, however collisions have flashed in Suez where there were the first a victim.

next Friday on demonstration left hundred thousand persons, the police did not cope with such number protesting and has practically stopped WRK.

After that Mubarak declared curfew introduction, and armies have entered into the Egyptian cities.

Nevertheless, collisions have proceeded, demonstrators attacked police stations and cars, shops, official bodies, museums have been plundered and burnt. From prisons thousand prisoners ran, in cities marauders bossed.

the President of Egypt Hosny Mubarak has been urged to retire on February, 11th, 2011 against incessant national stirrings, economic decline and a collapse in security system. The power in the country has temporarily passed to military men, however national protest actions do not stop till now though the situation was considerably stabilised.

the Former president of Egypt, his sons and the majority of the high-ranking members of the administrative board of the country have appeared on a dock.