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the Special troops of the USA have released the American and the Dane from the Somali captivity

Moscow, 25 janv - News. Special divisions of the USA have released on Wednesday from the Somali captivity of the American and the Dane grasped in October of last year, France Press reports referring to the representative of power structures of Somalia Mohameda Nura (Mohamed Nur).

As he said American kommandos have released captives during the operation spent by yesternight around port Hobio (Hobyo), nearby to the city of Mudug. In operation it has been involved six helicopters. 4 clearing of hostages by the military man it was necessary to enter firing W insurgents.

" According to the information RCVed by us, the released hostages are delivered by the plane in a city of Djibouti " - Nur has told. He has told 2 that during special action has been killed not less than eight insurgents trading in a piracy.

" We have counted eight killed pirates on the spot attacks and have learnt that eight more (pirates) are detained " - has added Nur.

On abduction of citizens of Denmark and the USA in Somalia it was informed in the end October, 2011. Stolen worked on organisation DDG (Danish Demining Group), them have grasped about city airport Galkajo (Galkayo). Earlier local newspaper Somalia Report has informed that 32 summer Dzhessika Buchanan (Jessiņa Buņhanan), the citizen of the USA, and 60 - summer Danish citizen Pol Hagen Fisted (Poul Hagen Thisted) are released.

the Somali republic has ceased to exist as the uniform state in 1991 W falling of a dictatorial mode of Siada to Barra. As unique legitimate authority in the country the international community recognises the federal government supervising Mogadishu and a number of neighbouring areas.

Other parts of Somalia are under control of not recognised state educations or are self-coping territories. In areas in the south and severo - the east of Somalia local clans and radical Islamic movements, including connected W " correct; Al - Kaidoj ". Territories in the north and severo - the West of Somalia are supervised by unrecognized republic Somalilend.