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Competitions on the dog teams will pass in Kuzminsky park of Moscow

Moscow, 25 janv - News. Races on the dog teams will pass in park " Kuzminki - Ljublino " in Jugo - East administrative district (JUVAO) Moscow on February, 19th, it is informed on Wednesday on a site of capital department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment.

" On Sunday, on February, 19th, for the first time in especially protected natural city territory will pass competitions on draught dogs. In park " Kuzminki - Ljublino " racers will struggle for the Cup of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment " - it is SPK in a MSG.

As it is marked in a MSG, in arrivals will take part more than 100 young racers - children and youth - W dogs of rideable breeds, among which Siberian Huskies, an Alaskan malamute, Greenland rideable, samoed, Chukchi rideable and Yakut husky.

Features of races on the dog teams > >

" the Sportsman and a dog in such competitions are connected by a cable which one end fastens 2 special shlejke, put on a dog, another 2 a belt which is on a belt of the person. The skier overcomes a distance high-grade konkovym a course, using sticks " - it is specified in a MSG.

Besides, for the first time 4 spectators indicative arrival " will be shown; Super Dzhet " on teams W one dog. The declared distances - from 100 metres B4 two kilometres. The participants who have occupied prize-winning places, will be awarded by a department cup, medals, diplomas and memorable prizes, is specified in matele.