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the opposition Joint statement on the Central Electoral Committee will consider on the State Duma Council

Moscow, 26 janv - News. the Duma council on Thursday will solve a question on removal on plenary session on January, 27th where December elections will be discussed, the project of the statement of three oppositional fractions W an appeal to the head of the Central Electoral Committee Vladimir Churovu to retire.

earlier profile committee of chamber has declared that the statement project does not correspond to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

" This document has entered the State Duma, I have painted it in profile committee so that it has been considered on Duma council on Thursday. Its Duma council will consider and the decision " will make; - the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin has declared to journalists the day before.

On Tuesday the Duma opposition has submitted for consideration chambers the decision project in which supports formation of new structure of election committees of all levels, including the Central Electoral Committee, by a principle of party representation B4 presidential election. The Russian legislation assumes that the Central Electoral Committee can be disbanded only under the decision of the Sovereign court. Than thirds of deputies of the Duma or senators can submit a Central Electoral Committee resignation not less. The statement should be submitted during three MTH after election campaign end. The Duma, the Federation Council and the president of Russia (direct on five committee-men) form the Central Electoral Committee.

" Taking into account the election campaign beginning on presidential elections of the Russian Federation, the State Duma... Considers necessary anew to generate election committees of all levels by a principle of party representation on a parity basis " - it is SPK in the statement TXT " ABT mass infringements of the selective legislation at elections of deputies of the State Duma of Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation the sixth convocation ".

As the first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov has informed News, in the statement project 2 it is offered to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia, Investigatory Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs " in the shortest terms to spend careful and fair investigation of all references ABT infringements of the selective legislation during elections ".

the Opposition 2 suggests to declare Churovu mistrust and to ask it to combine powers of a member of the Central Electoral Commission.

the Duma oppositionists notice that numerous infringements on December elections, following the results of which " an United Russia " has RCVed the majority in the lower chamber, have caused mass protests. Participants of meetings declared numerous infringements and cancellation of results of voting, purpose of new elections and resignation of the head of the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation demanded.

the Committee of the State Duma on the constitutional legislation and state building has made decision to return Profile committee the project of the statement for mass infringements on elections to authors as it does not correspond to the constitution, has informed agency vitse - the speaker of chamber from LDPR Igor Lebedev following the results of committee session.

" the Committee considers that questions of expression of trust or mistrust do not enter into powers of the State Duma to chairman TSIKa CUZ we did not appoint it and we can not remove it " - Lebedev has told.

He has noticed that the opposition adheres to other POV.

" the State Duma is socially - political body, and it can make statements on NE subjects. We do not SPK in the statement: " CHurov, retire " CUZ we have no right it to clean, we suggest to retire. This our opinion " - the member of parliament has told.

He has added that is not surprised to the committee decision.

" We would be extremely surprised, if the committee has not found legal zatsepki not to take out it (the statement project) for discussion as the fact of removal would be serious blow on " an United Russia " therefore they will cling to a NE comma if only it not to take out " - Lebedev has told.