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Business which conducted accused of Dmitriev`s bribe, is stopped -

Moscow, 27 janv - News. the Investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has stopped criminal case concerning heads of Open Company " the Physician " ABT contraband of a tomograph which investigated accused of a bribe the senior inspector of GSU GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow Nelli Dmitriev, the newspaper " writes on Friday; the Businessman " referring to Alexey Kirsanov - the lawyer of one of figurants of business.

by Autumn of 2011 the senior inspector of GSU GUMVD across Moscow Nelli Dmitriev has been detained on suspicion in a bribe in 3 million dollars. The consequence asserts that the inspector tried to RCV a bribe from businessman Yudin, in which relation it investigated criminal case. Boris Yudin and Alexey Tsarkov, heading Open Companies " the Physician " Were accused that in November, 2008 have essentially underestimated cost of a tomograph which they have imported within the limits of the state contract concluded on delivery of medical equipment to the Karelian republican hospital of a name of Baranova at passage of customs.

Inspectors have filed criminal charges under article 188 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (contraband). According to the lawyer, business has been stopped in connection with decriminalization of commodity contraband. The defender considers that business has been raised on the formal bases, and the difference in the tomograph price abroad and in Russia has been caused by a skipping dollar exchange rate during crisis.

" defenders yet have not RCVed the Corresponding decision of the inspector, as, having signed it, she has gone on leave. Lawyers count that this circumstance will not prevent to return in a week to Russia to one of heads " Physicians " - To Alexey Tsarkovu in absentia accused and put within the limits of business on the international wanted list " - writes the edition.

Istorija Dmitrievoj has drawn ATTN of the public not only from - for the large sums of a bribe, but also from - for MSG of some mass-media that Dmitriev participated in a legal investigation of the auditor of large investment fund of Sergey Magnitsky. Later a press - the service of investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has denied this data. The death Magnitsky in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre in 2009 has called the big resonance.

Under the version of the investigation, Dmitriev, being afraid that it can catch red-handed, has charged to organise bribe transfer to the acquaintance Maxim Kagansky which in the middle of January, 2012 has been detained in Novosibirsk.

the Edition notices that after detention Kagansky SPK that knew about decriminalization of article about contraband, however subsequently has refused the indications.