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the Vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences will replace head VTB in board of directors " Rosneft " -

Moscow, 16 deck - News. Board of directors of the largest Russian petrocompany of Open Society " NK " Rosneft " president VTB Andrey Kostin will leave, it will be replaced on this fast by the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Laverov, the newspaper " writes on Friday; the Businessman ".

deducing from state companies of officials - board of directors " In parallel proceeds; Rosneftegaza " owning a state block of shares " Rosneft " the assistant to the head of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry Sergey Kudryashov will leave. It will give way to the basic shareholder " Itera " to Igor Makarovu.

the Edition refers to the letter zamglavy Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of Dan White to the deputy minister of economy Alexander Levitsky in whom Ministry for the Power Generating Industry offers on nominees in boards of directors of the oil and gas companies under control to the state 4 election at annual meetings of shareholders are stated.

As have informed the edition the sources close to the ministry, in board of directors " Transneft " the head of MDM of Bank Oleg Vjugin will be replaced with president United ņapital Partners Ilya ShCherbovich.

Officially in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry and " Rosneft " on this information to the newspaper have not commented. Candidates till the end of January should be co-ordinated with Ministry of Economics, definitive vanty lists the prime minister - ministers will be confirmed by Vladimir Putin.

the Edition notices that the reason of resignation of Andrey Kostin which was included into board of directors " Rosneft " In 2006 and RCVed for five years as compensation of 0,0008 % of shares of company, there can be its position concerning new structure of management of the company. Kostin last years headed committee on shots and compensations of board of directors, and at committee sessions rejected new structure of management of the company, one of interlocutors " has told; the Businessman ".

On one of the last vantov new structure of management " Rosneft " in the company should appear about 20 new vice-presidents, functions of some departments are reconsidered. The head of committee of shots considers that structure " too razduta " and functions of many a top - managers call questions, therefore business does not reach consideration of advice, the interlocutor of the edition has told; it displeases a management " Rosneft " and vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina whom many years headed its board of directors.

At the same time a source " the Businessman " close 2 VTB, asserts that the real conflict to Igor Sechinym at Andrey Kostin is not present, and the state decision, have informed in a press - service VTB, has been co-ordinated with Kostin.

Besides, VTB in the name of the senior vice-president Sergey Shishina all the same will reserve a place in board of directors " Rosneft ".