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Stock exchanges ATR have opened on Monday insignificant decrease

Moscow, 19 deck - News. Key share platforms Asian - Pacific region (ATR) have opened the auctions of Monday, on December, 19th, decrease in a range from 0,46 % B4 1,60 %, the data of stock exchanges bears.

Japanese Nikkei 225 to the first minutes of the auctions has fallen on 0,46 % - B4 8363,39 points.

South Korean KOSPI has decreased on 0,70 % and has made 1827,16 points.

the Stock exchange of Australia 2 has opened the auctions in " to a red zone ". Index S & P/ ASX 200 has fallen to 1,608 %, having made 4092,300 points.

Nikkei 225 (Nikkei 225 Stoņk Average) - the basic index of the Tokyo stock exchange calculated as a simple average arithmetic prices of actions of 225 most actively traded companies of the first section of a stock exchange.

KOSPI (Korea ņomposite Stoņk Priņe Index) - the basic index of stock exchange of Seoul, which calculation includes all companies, whose actions bargain at a stock exchange.

S & P/ ASX 200 - the main share index of the Sydney stock exchange which develops of actions of 200 companies most traded on a platform.