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Insurgents have blocked export of coal from Colombia, informs TV

Mexico City, 19 deck - News, Dmitry Znamensky. to Insurgents from grouping " Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia " (RVSK) it was possible to stop for one day export deliveries of coal from the country: on Sunday they have blown up a railway branch on which coal from mines was shipped, informs the Venezuelan TV channel Globovision.

It is a question of the world`s largest open coal basin the Ale - Serrehon where in a year it is extracted approximately 32 million tons of coal raw materials.

Explosion has occurred in east department Guahira adjoining on Venezuela. Under the available information, and injured act of terrorism is not present victims, however railway WRK is paralysed completely. Shipment from the coal mines which volumes are estimated in 100 thousand tons a day is As a result suspended.

According to the minister of mines and power of Colombia, it means financial losses 4 national economy at a rate of not less four millions dollars a day, and on cloth restoration it is required at least three days. As a result of explosion it has been destroyed about 240 metres of the railway around seaport Puerto Bolivar.

At the same time radio ņaraņol referring to department Narino authorities has informed on Sunday on unsuccessful attempt the guerrilla to blow up the oil pipeline. Under their data, the insurgent from RVSK which should be to carry out act of terrorism around port of Tumaco, was undermined on own explosive and was lost.

Left-wing radical insurgent grouping RVSK (FARņ, Fuerzas Armadas Revoluņionarias de ņolombia) confronts with the government of Colombia since 1964. Insurgents struggle for construction " New Colombia " and " social justice and equality societies ". For last nine years their number was reduced twice - B4 8 thousand persons. One of sources of incomes of insurgents drug traffic is considered. The USA and the European Union have brought RVSK in the list of the terrorist organisations.