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the Prospective participant of protests has died during interrogation in Egypt

Cairo, 19 deck - News, Nadim Zuaui. one of arrested persons following the results of FU and collisions of demonstrators with forces of law and order in Egypt Amru Mohsen has died on Sunday during interrogation, have informed local mass-media referring to the lawyer and other prisoners.

As they said, on a body of the victim there are traces of tortures. Forensic scientists should establish an exact cause of death.

At least, 164 persons have been detained communications with last collisions in the CTR of Cairo. Them accuse of disobedience to the authorities, arsons of the governmental buildings, damage of private and state property, storage and use of explosive and inflammable substances.

On Sunday in Egypt collisions of demonstrators with police and military men in the CTR of Cairo - in area where the governmental buildings and parliament are located have proceeded.

country Ministry of Health informs ABT ten victims and more than 450 victims for three days of FU.

At the moment collisions have the limited character, the army and police managed to take over the control of the most part of area of FU. Collisions have moved to area of street of Sheikh Rihana where the building of the American university is located.

On Saturday around collisions in the street Kasr al - Ajni demonstrators have burnt a building of centre of science - the historical monument representing huge value. The building has burnt out completely. In the burnt down centre of science entering into a complex of buildings of parliament, overlapping of the second floor has fallen. On fire have burnt down more than 160 thousand invaluable documents and books, including the encyclopaedia original " the Description of Egypt " made by the French scientists during Napoleon`s campaign (1798 - 1801), and also historical archive. Firemen managed to rescue from fire about 30 thousand books.

Since November, 25th about hundred young men spent picket at a ministerial council building. Participants of the action of the protest have moved there from the area of Tahrir located nearby. They demanded government Kamalja resignation al - Ganzuri and formations of the cabinet from the candidates countenanced by demonstrators. Besides, demonstrators support leaving from the power of a ruling High council of armed forces of Egypt.

Under the different data, collisions have begun or after detention by military men of one of participants of the action, or after an attack of demonstrators on the officer.

Demonstrators have begun to shower military men and the governmental buildings bottles W an incendiary mix and stones. It was informed EVN on attempt protesting to storm the Ministerial council building. In particular, they have broken observation cameras and have set fire to one of extensions.

Eyewitnesses assert that during FU the fire-arms were applied. At the same time, the High council of Armed forces correcting in Egypt has acted W an official statement in which has denied use of fire-arms from military men.