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Gold has fallen in price on Monday against dollar strengthening

Moscow, 20 deck - News. Gold on Monday has slightly decreased in the price under the influence of dollar exchange rate strengthening in relation to the majority of world currencies, the data of the auctions bears.

the February future for gold during the auctions in New York at a stock exchange ˝omex following the results of Monday has fallen in price on 0,1 % B4 1596,7 dollars for trojskuju ounce.

the Dollar exchange rate 2 a basket of six currencies of the countries - the basic trading partners of the USA has grown B4 80,37 points against 80,22 points in the afternoon before. US dollar exchange rate growth on Monday was contributed by fears concerning prospects of the European economy, pushed upwards demand for more reliable actives.

" Gold continues to behave as a risky active, instead of as more reliable object of investments " - results agency MarketWatsh opinion of expert Gold Newsletter of Bryan Lundina (Brien Lundin).

During the auctions some support to the prices for gold was rendered by news ABT demise of the leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Jong II which have called concern concerning stability on the Korean peninsula.

the Rise in prices for gold in 2010 on 30 % became record, for the third quarter 2011 gold has risen in price for 8 %, for October - on 6 %, for November - 1,5 %. The ten years` period of growth of cost of metal became the most long, at least, since 1920.

Pacing factors of support of cost of gold which is considered by investors as more reliable alternative to fluctuating currencies and subject serious fluctuations to actions of the companies, remain debt crisis in Europe and inflation acceleration in the different countries.