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Warehouses burn in territory of the Peter and Paul shipyard on Kamchatka

Petropavlovsk - the KAMCHATKA, 21 deck - News. Large kindling is liquidated by firemen in territory of the Peter and Paul shipyard, the representative of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on the Kamchatka edge has informed News.

the MSG on kindling has arrived on the panel of the person on duty in 5. 57 local times (21. 57 Tuesdays Moscow time). 2 arrival of fire-fighting crews has completely burnt out a building of a warehouse building matelov the area of 100 square metres. Now suppression derevopererabatyvajushchego shops in the sizes 50 on 80 metres is conducted.

On a place 80 persons and 17 units of technics work nearby.

and victims as a result of a fire are not present Victims.