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the Member of delegation of Argentina at summit MERKOSUR was hung up in hotel

BUENOS - AJRES, 21 deck - News, Alexander Solovsky. Ivan Hejn (Ivān Heyn), were a member of the Argentina official delegation at summit MERKOSUR in Montevideo, was hung up in hotel Radisson, has informed journalists a press - the secretary of the president of Uruguay Leonardo Galante (Leonardo Galante).

News has come while only arrived on a MTG at the highest levels presidents intended to pose 4 an official photo. This action, as well as solemn signing of the agreement on free trade of the block of the South American countries W Palestin, has been postponed for some time. Having learnt ABT death of Hejna, the president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner so has got agitated that medical aid was necessary for it. The Uruguayan newspaper El Pais asserts that Kirshner intends to leave the summit as soon as possible.

As write local mass-media, 33 - summer Ivan Hejn was " the economist - a star " the Argentina government. After inauguration of the president of Argentina on December, 10th, it has been appointed by the assistant to the head of the foreign trade department operating within the limits of the Ministry of Economics. Hejn was the representative of the state in enterprise Aluar board of directors (Aluminio Argentino - " the Argentina aluminium ") . It has with distinction ended economic faculty of university Buenos - Ajresa.

the summit of South American common market MERKOSUR has opened in capital of Uruguay Montevideo on Tuesday. Participants intend to discuss the introduction into the organisation of new members, questions of trading and customs cooperation. Time presidency in trading - the economic block will pass half a year to the nearest from Uruguay 2 Argentina.

MERKOSUR (Merņado ņomun del ņono Sur - MERņOSUR) - subregional trading - the economic union which has arisen on the basis of the economic union of Argentina and Brazil, existing since 1979. The name is translated from Spanish as " the Market of the Southern cone ". On an organisation emblem the mia maid of the Southern cross is represented.

As the full organisation it has been formed in 1991 when in the Paraguayan city of Asuncion between Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay had been signed the contract on creation of the customs union and a common market.

assotsiirovannyh members Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have the Status. Venezuela expects the introduction into the block as the full member (to it approval of the Paraguayan Congress is necessary only).

For 20 years MERKOSUR has turned to most dynamically developing association of the countries of the Western hemisphere. On its share 60 % of territory of Latin America, about 50 % of the population and more than 75 % of cumulative gross national product are necessary almost.