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Vertolet Mi - 8 has crash-landed near the Yakut Tiksi

Yakutsk, 22 deck - News. Helicopter Mi - 8 has crash-landed around the Yakut settlement Tiksi, onboard there were four persons, nobody has suffered, the representative of republican department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has informed on Thursday of News.

As he said, the information on it has entered environment in 18. 51 (12. 51 Moscow time) in a command control centre in crisis situations Yakut UMCHS.

" the Helicopter carried out training flight, and in 100 kilometres from settlement Tiksi owing to shaving hit in butter of a reducer the aircraft has been urged to make landing " - the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has told.

In 19. 36 (13. 36 Moscow time) 2 a place of an emergency landing of the aircraft other helicopter Mi - 8 has taken off. In 21. 12 (15. 12 Moscow time) all crewmen of the emergency aircraft have been delivered in the airport of Tiksi, a status of people satisfactory.

According to the representative of the airport of Tiksi, crash-landed helicopter Mi - 8 damages have no.

specially created commission is engaged in incident Investigation.