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Presidents of the Russian Federation and Turkmenia will discuss in Moscow cooperation in power

Moscow, 23 deck - News. the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the president of Turkmenia Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov on Friday will carry on negotiations in Moscow and will discuss cooperation of two countries in economy and in particular in power, have informed in a press - service of the Russian leader.

" Leaders of two countries will discuss interaction in trading - economic sphere, and also will consider the concrete measures directed on the further escalating and a diversification of goods turnover " - have informed in the Kremlin.

Working visit of Berdymuhamedova passes under the invitation of the Russian president. This year Medvedev and Berdymuhamedov met on September, 3rd " on fields " sessions of Advice of heads of the states CIS in Dushanbe, have reminded in a press - service. At an informal MTG of leaders of the countries of Commonwealth this week the president of Turkmenia was not present at Moscow.

For ten MTH of this year the volume of bilateral trade (without gas deliveries) has made Positive goods turnover of 990,3 million dollars (growth on 32,9 %). Cost of the Russian export has increased by 35,4 % (871,5 million dollars), import - on 16,8 % (118,8 million dollars), have informed in a press - service.

" the Important co-ordinating role plays intergovernmental Russian - the Turkmen commission on economic cooperation (the Russian co-chairman - Victor Zubkov, Turkmen - vitse - the prime minister, head Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov). The fifth session MPK has taken place in November of last year in Ashkhabad " - it is SPK in release.

Predictably, at a MTG the subject of increase of efficiency of multi-region interaction - taking into account experience of Tatarstan, St.-Petersburg, the Astrakhan region in expansion of contacts to Turkmen partners will be mentioned.

Gas routes

By data the press - services, separately in a course to a MTG is planned to stop on cooperation questions in toplivno - a power complex. Heads of the states will consider 2 prospects of advancement of cooperation in electric power industry, in transport and telecommunication branches.

Cooperation of two countries in power has traditional character - Russia is one of the basic buyers of Turkmen gas. However recently Ashkhabad increases interaction W variety of the countries in this sphere against that " Gazprom " reduces purchases of Turkmen gas. In particular, Turkmenia is considered one of potential participants of the project of a gas pipeline " Nabukko " - the main competitor Russian " the Southern stream ". Deliveries of Turkmen gas to China increase.

the Project of gas pipeline Nabu˝˝o assumes transportation of natural gas from the Caspian region in the European countries bypassing Russia through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Austria. The highway in the extent of 3,3 thousand kilometres becomes continuation of already constructed gas pipeline of Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum and is calculated on annual transportation of 30 billion cubic metre of gas. The project is approximately estimated in 7,9 billion euro. However till now the question is not solved with the basic supplier of gas.

4 realisation " Nabukko " it is planned to construct the Transcaspian gas pipeline. However in Moscow have already let know that building of this gas pipeline should be co-ordinated with the countries " The Caspian five ".

In particular, the president of Russia declared that a question on building " is in direct dependence on the status of Caspian sea as closed sea, and demands the coordination of positions of all states entering into the Caspian summit ".

Meanwhile as inform Turkmen mass-media, Ashkhabad already is going to buy the equipment 4 building of a strategic gas pipeline " the East - the West " which should connect all deposits of the country in uniform system and provide transportation possibility " blue fuel " in various directions. Among these directions can be both the Transcaspian gas pipeline to Europe, and the Near-Caspian gas pipeline to Russia through Kazakhstan. To buy the equipment Turkmenia plans on one of factories in Tula areas. The sum of transaction is not called.

According to plans, a gas pipeline " the East - the West " It should be ready by June, 2015.

possible participation of Russia in the civil-engineering design of the Transafghani gas pipeline " can become One more subject at negotiations; Turkmenistan - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India " (TAPI). Earlier in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation declared that count or on a share in the company which will realise the given project, or on participation of the Russian companies as contractors.

the General extent of gas pipeline TAPI will make about 1,68 thousand kilometres, capacity - B4 30 billion cubic metre a year. Along with participation of the nominated companies of the countries - participants of the project, in its realisation it is planned to involve Open Society resources " Gazprom ". It is supposed that experience of experts of the company will be claimed during gas pipeline designing, realisation of contract works, equipment deliveries.

Humanitarian cooperation

In the agenda 2 negotiations on a subject of strengthening of cooperation in humanitarian sphere, first of all in the spheres of education and professional trainings, culture and sports.

In 2011 - 2012 educational year of Turkmenia 394 state grants in Russia are allocated. According to intergovernmental agreement 2002 in republic successfully works Russian - Turkmen high school of a name of Pushkin, in 2008 in Ashkhabad the branch of the Russian state university of oil and gas of a name of Gubkin is opened.

Taking into account presidency of Turkmenia in the CIS in 2012 prospects of development of multiplane cooperation within the limits of Commonwealth will be discussed. Besides, the exchange of opinions on a situation in tsentralnoaziatskom region and Afghanistan, on interaction in a format " will be spent; the Caspian five " have informed in a press - service of the Kremlin.