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the Central Electoral Committee has published the data ABT expenses " an United Russia " on elections in the State Duma

Moscow, 26 deck - News. Party " an United Russia " has spent for the election campaign which has passed on the eve of elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation of 615,1 million of roubles, has informed on Sunday the Central Electoral Commission.

All in selective fund ER has arrived 635,1 million roubles, from them 20 million party it was necessary to return, as they have been listed W order infringement, publishes in Sunday " the Russian newspaper " a Central Electoral Committee MSG.

From the spent means - 350 million parties belonged, 265,1 million - have been offered.

On pre-election campaign on television and radio the party has given more than 271,9 million roubles, on advertising in printing editions - more than 6,57 million roubles.

Release and distribution propaganda matelov have managed " an United Russia " Approximately in 278,29 million roubles, and mass actions cost about 2,8 million rubles.

2 " an United Russia " used information and consulting character. They have managed parties in 10,7 million roubles.

" On payment of other WRK (services), executed (rendered) by legal bodies or citizens of the Russian Federation under contracts it is spent 21,95 million roubles " - informs the Central Electoral Committee.

22,8 million roubles More have left on payment of other expenses connected with election campaign.

In the Central Electoral Committee the first reports on movement of means in selective funds of candidates in presidents of Russia of Vladimir Putin (as of December, 12th, 2011) and Sergey Mironov (as of December, 19th, 2011) 2 have arrived.

" For the named dates of means in these funds did not arrive and were not spent " - informs the Central Electoral Committee.

On elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the sixth convocation which has taken place on December, 4th, victory the party " has gained; an United Russia ". United Russia party members have lowered the representation in the State Duma, however on - former will have there the majority. " an United Russia " has RCVed 238 deputy mandates, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 92, LDPR - 56, " Fair Russia " - 64.