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Dvorkovich has declared that it is interesting to it to continue WRK W Medvedev

Moscow, 26 deck - News. the Assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has declared on air of radio station " Echo Moscow " that it would be interesting to it to continue WRK at high level.

SPK about, a leah it is ready to follow Medvedev after its leaving from fast of the president, Dvorkovich has told: " Still anybody anywhere did not invite anybody, and to SPK, I will go or not, it would be simply strange ".

" but, if such offer is, of course, to me it would be interesting to continue to work at high level " - the assistant to the president has noted.

answering a question on, a leah Gud chief Dmitry Medvedev, Dvorkovich has told: " Yes, me on a broader scale carried in life W chiefs ".

the Assistant to the president has added that, " Though never 4 itself excluded that in any MOM would be normal to interrupt W public service and to be engaged in another matters ". " It is impossible to work all time in the same sphere " - Dvorkovich has told. He has shared that when went to school, wanted to become the teacher and would be not against to RCV additional qualification and " to be the director at school ".

answering a question, a leah he wanted to stand in presidents of the Russian Federation, Dvorkovich has responded: " No, did not want ".