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In Colombia the most part of the insurgents who have surrendered voluntary

Mexico City, 26 deck - News, Dmitry Znamensky is released. the Majority of 284 insurgents who have surrendered to the Colombian authorities this week, are set free, inform on Sunday the Mexican mass-media.

It is a question of members of illegal armed formation Erpaņ (National antidiversionary army of Colombia) who since the past Friday have begun process of voluntary delivery. As representatives of the Colombian authorities mark, the decision it was accepted to stop struggle against the government insurgents W/ O exploratory talk and any conditions from their party. The reasons which have motivated them to lay down arms while are unknown.

Now under guards there was 21 insurgent, including five leaders Erpaņ. They are delivered in one of prisons of Bogota.

Members of a band have already handed over to the authorities almost three tons of the weapon, including machine guns, mortars, guns, pistols, pomegranates. Now competent bodies conduct check of the weapon and by means of ballistic examinations intend to establish, a leah it was applied at fulfilment of numerous crimes in territory of Colombia.

the Representative of law enforcement bodies of the country has not excluded that further following the results of this check warrants on arrest of some of those insurgents which while are set free can be given out.

During the period W 1997 for 2006 in Colombia the large far right grouping " operated; Incorporated forces of self-defence of Colombia " (Autodefensas Unidas de ņolombia - AUņ) which totaled in the numbers over 10 thousand fighters. In the spring of 2006 it has made the decision on self-dissolution, however from it have broken away about ten smaller groupings. Basically they are engaged in illegal drug-dealing and other criminal activity.

Erpaņ, under the statement of the authorities, was in the service of the Colombian drug mafia, being engaged in protection of cargoes of cocaine forwarded abroad.