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Dvorkovich: in Russia from zero should appear " normal right party "

Moscow, 26 deck - News. In Russia there should be a right party which would reflect interests of a considerable part of a society, and the given party will be created from the very beginning, the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich has told on Sunday late at night.

" it seems To me, there should be a normal right party, and not on the basis of existing which has completely lost prestige also reputation. And it is simple from zero to create new party which will reflect interests of an essential share of citizens " - Dvorkovich on air of radio station " has told; Echo Moscow ".

In June, 2011 the billionaire Michael Prochorus taking the third place in the list of the richest people of Russia, declared the decision to politicise and has led party " the Just cause ". But already in the middle of September at congress scandal has inflamed: delegates were divided into supporters and opponents of the billionaire. As a result of Prochorus declared ABT " rejderskom capture " parties, the leaving from it and intention to create new political force.

Almost right after it the billionaire has declared that remains in the politician and has promised to be defined W presidential ambitions within ten days. However the decision that he will stand in presidents of Russia in March, 2012, Prokhorov has sounded only on December, 12th - the next working day after announcement TSIKom of adjusted totals of parliamentary elections. " a just cause " from which the businessman has refused, has typed on them only 0,6 %.