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Last working week in 2011 has begun at Russians

Moscow, 26 deck - News. Last working week 2011 has begun on Monday: ahead at Russians 10 - day New Year`s vacation.

New Year`s vacation in 2012 will last from December, 31st till January, 9th inclusive, has informed in Rostrude. According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation non-working holidays are: 1, 2, 3, on January, 4th and 5 - New Year`s vacation, and also on January, 7th - Christmas. As in 2012 on January, 1st drops out on Sunday, and 7 - on Saturday, non-working automatically become on January, 6th and 9.

According to poll spent by earlier research CTR rekrutingovogo of portal Superjob. ru, every year the number of adherents of long New Year`s vacation becomes more and more: for last year their number has increased from 53 % B4 65 %.

Long WKND, according to interrogated, perfectly approach 4 travel, dialogue with a family, 2 it is possible to devote them to the decision of the collected household problems. 4 many forthcoming long WKND - remarkable possibility to have a rest and sleep.

According to opponents of vacation whom there were 20 %, long WKND too weaken, and also aloud cost a pretty penny. " I believe that 1, on January, 2nd and 3 it is quite enough to meet New year, well and more Christmas. All other days are a continuous idleness! " - one of respondents is indignant. Researchers of a portal notice that more often others long WKND are not accepted by respondents is more senior 45 years (38 %).

Are indifferent to forthcoming vacation of 10 % of Russians. It is representatives of trades to whom on New Year`s Eve rest only dreams, for example, employees of sphere of service more often. Of 5 % were at a loss W the answer of Russians.

According to other poll 2 spent by portal Superjob. ru, approximately 47 % of Russians will spend the most part of New Year`s vacation of the house, without leaving anywhere, about 4 % of Russians are going to spend them on a trip abroad, as much - travelling across Russia. According to Superjob. ru, almost every ninth inhabitant of Russia (11 %) will work in New Year`s vacation.