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Dvorkovich supports introduction of declaring of expenses of officials

Moscow, 26 deck - News. the Assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich supports the initiative of the head of the state to enter declaring of expenses of officials.

W the given initiative the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has acted in the annual message to Federal Meeting.

" Incomes are declared some years. As to expenses, this offer of the president; from the following time we will start them to declare " - Dvorkovich on Sunday late at night on the radio station air " has told; Echo Moscow ".

He 2 has added that, probably, 4 realisation of this idea additional decisions be required from the State Duma.

Dvorkovich has explained that it is a question of disclosing of expenses on acquisition by officials of the ground areas, real estate, securities and vehicles. " It is normal, it corresponds to the international practice. People want to C, a leah there live officials on means " - the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation has told, having added that in this case speech does not go " ABT purchase of bread and the glazed curd cakes ".

answering a question of the investigator, a leah it is necessary to forbid to the Russian officials to have bills in foreign banks, Dvorkovich has told that, in his opinion, it is better " not to limit, and to declare ". " Bills in foreign bank at me are not present. IDK, how much it is (interdiction) will limit someone`s freedom " - Dvorkovich has told.