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the Police has opened in Tambov plunders in thermal power station sphere on half-billion roubles

Moscow, 26 janv - News. Police officers have opened in Tambov large plunders in the thermal power station sphere, the caused damage has exceeded 500 million roubles, the head has informed on Thursday of News a press - services of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Roman Mihajlov Central federal district.

As he said, actions for revealing and disclosing of a series of economic crimes were spent by police officers in close interaction W management of FSB of Russia across the Tambov region since 2008.

It has been established that a number of officials and heads of the commercial organisations of the Tambov region for the purpose of plunder of money resources and their legalisation through affiliated persons have founded the power marketing company of Open Company " the Spectrum - Plus " W an authorised capital stock of 10 thousand roubles. Near relations of heads of administration of the Tambov region and the power marketing companies which are carrying out the activity in territory of region became founders of Open Company, - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Thus, he has noted, the given organisation has not been included in the Federal information register of guaranteeing suppliers and zones of their activity.

Under the version of the investigation, the company carried out the fictitious activity in interests of the chairman of committee of state regulation of tariffs of the Tambov region of Valentine Pronin and other persons.

" Pronin in current legislation infringement has established the marketing extra charge 4 the given organisation at a rate of 35,5 copecks for 1 kw/ ch useful holiday of electric energy, as a result of Open Company " the Spectrum - Plus " from the electric power sold in 2007 has illegally RCVed the income in the sum of 115 million roubles " - Mihajlov has informed.

On the given fact criminal case has been brought, Pronin have dismissed from a post and have denounced for 1,5 years conditionally.

Having continued investigation, policemen have found out that in this sphere the whole criminal grouping operated. For example, according to Mihajlova, one more of its participants - Alexander Krapivin, being the general director of Open Society " Tambovenergo " has concluded the fictitious contract of leasing W the commercial organisation on delivery of transformers in cost of 7 million roubles which have been already got and stood on balance of the organisation. However money under the contract has been transferred into account the commercial structure under control to Krapivin, and by it are appropriated.

" 2 the consequence has established that Krapivin, being the deputy of the Tambov regional thought and simultaneously the general director at once two commercial structures working in sphere of thermal power station, in 2005 - 2007 has illegally paid services for transportation of the electric power to under control criminal group of the power marketing organisation and thus has appropriated about 420 million roubles " - has informed a press - the secretary.

As he said, during the further investigation it was found out that Pronin, being the chairman of committee of state regulation of tariffs of the Tambov region, has illegally established differentiation of tariffs for the electric power and has caused a damage of one of the companies at the rate above 12 million rouble.

Besides, it was found out that it, using office position, has decided to help the familiar friend who was souchreditelem one of firms, has appropriated this organisation the status power supplying that is the basis 4 state regulation, and has signed the order on an establishment of the tariff for thermal energy delivered by this company. Thus the firm has illegally RCVed from consumers almost 8 million roubles, - Mihajlov has noted.

joint swindle W Krapivin became One more of the revealed episodes of criminal activity of Pronin. 4 reception of higher marginal levels of tariffs for electric energy and illegal maintenance with Open Society money resources " the Tambov network company " Pronin, falling outside the limits the powers and in current legislation infringement, has written the letter in FST to Russia ABT inclusion of expenses of Open Company " transneftservis W " At the rate above 137 million roubles in the regional structure of expenses considered FST of Russia at an establishment of passenger-fare levels. As a result of criminal acts in structure of marginal levels of tariffs for the electric power 4 consumers of the Tambov region for 2007 the sum of money over 137 million roubles has been included. From - for it the tariff 4 electric power consumers in all region has increased.

On the given facts in total by investigatory management SK across the Tambov region it has been raised ten criminal cases, including under articles 160 (assignment or waste) and 286 (excess of powers of office) the criminal code of Russian Federation. On one of these criminal cases the verdict of guilty is taken out, one business is stopped on nereabilitirujushchim to circumstances, on four criminal cases there are hearings in October district court of Tambov, and four more are passed in court.