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South Korea spends military doctrines on island Jonphendo

Moscow, 26 janv - News. the Marines of South Korea spend on Thursday educational shooting on island Jonphyondo around disputable border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in Yellow sea, Assoshiejted the Press reports referring to not named representative of the Ministry of Defence of republic.

According to the source of agency, doctrines are planned. He 2 has noticed that any suspicious activity from armed forces of the North Korea has not been noticed.

In the end of November, 2010 of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has fired at island Jonphyondo around the demilitarised zone in reply to South Korean military doctrines spent in Yellow sea. Pyongyang asserts that North Korean military men have responded fire after hit in them territolnye waters of shells during educational strelb southerners. As a result of incident four persons were lost. South Korea has opened a reciprocal gun-fire. Fighters F have taken off for incident area - 16 Air Forces of South Korea. It was the armed incident largest for the last half a century on the Korean peninsula.

earlier Interkorean relations were considerably complicated by incident W korvetom " CHhonan ". The ship has sunk on March, 26th, 2010 in Yellow sea around island Pennyondo supervised by Seoul near to border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea as a result of the strong explosion which reason is not established. Before to sink, the ship which was carrying out planned patrol of area, has broken up in two. Onboard there were 104 persons, 46 seamen were lost. Of Seoul in ship destruction have accused Pyongyang though Democratic People`s Republic of Korea names results of investigation falsification.

the Korean peninsula formally is at war, as the Korean war 1950 - has ended 1953 with armistice signing, instead of the peace treaty. The USA have entered on territory of South Korea of an army number of 28,5 thousand persons to protect the key ally in Asia.