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the USA will carry on negotiations for strengthening of military presence W Philippines

NJU - York, 26 janv - News. Washington and Manila begin consultations of increase in the American military presence at Philippines in reply to strengthening of power of China, the Washington Post newspaper informs.

Under its data, officials of the USA and Philippines will spend preliminary consultations on Thursday and Friday before in March to begin negotiations at high level.

If the agreement will be reached, it becomes continuation of other recent arrangements on placing of thousand American marines in the north of Australia and basing of the military ships in Singapore, - the newspaper marks.

Under its data, among considered W Philippines vantov use of the ships of this country, placing on them on a rotational basis of the American armies and carrying out of regular military doctrines is offered.

" On ANY1 of these scenarios of the USA will effectively use available foreign bases, being present on them as visitors " - writes Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, attempts of many Asian - the Pacific countries to win round Washington reflect " reaction to strengthening of military power of China and its persistence on claims to disputable territories " in particular in Southern - the Chinese sea.

the Constitution of Philippines forbids placing of foreign military bases in territory of the country. However between Manila and Washington the agreement allowing the USA to send an army on archipelago operates and to place them there periodically under jurisdiction of the USA.

Differently as marks Washington Post, these armies and the ships will be on Philippines temporarily, but during long term.

In these country USA have already placed 600 military men spetsvojsk which minister advisers at the Philippine army, assisting in struggle against the insurgents sympathising " Al - Kaide ". This contingent has been placed in 2002, however the accurate schedule of its conclusion is not present till now.

" But EVN the small temporary contingent of the USA on Philippines will direct the strong prevention to Beijing. Though Washington declared that does not try to contain growth of China as economic and military superpower, (president) Obama declared new military strategy in this MTH, according to which Pentagon " perebalansiruet " armed forces in ATR taking into account lessons of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan " - marks Washington Post.